Golden Age of Welsh is a top-rated nursing facility in southwest Louisiana, offering private rooms and tailored care. With a regular physician on rounds, specialized treatments, and comprehensive therapies, we provide exceptional nursing care that attracts residents across the region. Our compassionate staff, homemade meals, and wide range of activities make Golden Age of Welsh a wonderful place to call home.

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Our mission at Golden Age of Welsh is to provide compassionate and comprehensive care to our residents, enhancing their quality of life and promoting their independence, dignity, and well-being. We strive to create a warm and welcoming environment that fosters trust, respect, and open communication among our residents, their families, and our staff.

Our Values

The aim of Welsh core Values is to provide golden care, an aspiration taken from the very term "GOLDEN".

G Giving

Our commitment to generosity and kindness is unwavering, no matter the size or scale of what we give. Whether it's our time, or the best care possible, we strive to ensure every act of giving comes from a selfless place.

O Optimistic

We offer our residents a warm, encouraging environment regardless of the severity of their condition. Our team of dedicated staff remains optimistic and provides strength and hope to all those who we care for.

L Loyalty

Our dedication to our residents and unwavering commitment drives our loyalty. We have a top-notch facility and staff that does the work required and exceeds expectations. We strive to remain truthful and faithful at all times.

D Dedicated

Our staff and facility members have been incredibly dedicated, and we are immensely grateful for their unwavering commitment.

E Empower

We strive to empower our residents and staff members to be their best during recovery and transition periods. Encouraging them to reach their potential every day is key to their success.

N Nurtured

In moments of vulnerability, our well-trained staff strives to make sure that all residents are well-nurtured and feel secure.